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  • Mileage: 500
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Engine Size: 3799cc
  • Interior Colour: Black
  • Exterior Colour: Titanium Silver
  • Body Style: Convertible
  • Seats: 2
  • Service:
  • Reg date: 2016/6

Optional extras

  • Fully covered by Xpel Paint Protection Film
  • UK Supplied Car
  • Carbon Fibre Mirror Casings
  • Branded Carbon Fibre Sill Panels
  • Carbon Fibre Side Intakes
  • Carbon Fibre Exterior Upgrade
  • Super Lightweight Forged Wheels
  • Carbon Black Leather Steering Wheel
  • Carbon Black Extended Upper Trim
  • Electric & Heated Memory Seats
  • Electric Steering Column
  • Extended Carbon Fibre Interior
  • Meridian Surround Sound Upgrade
  • Parking Camera
  • Volumetric Alarm upgrade
  • Vehicle Lifter
  • MSO Defined Red Seat Belts
  • Vehicle Tracking System
  • Branded Floor Mats
  • Track Telemetary & Cameras
  • £324,900 + VAT


EVO says:

Just as talented as the fixed-roof 675LT, the Spider is fast, fun and involving.

What is it?

The LT (Longtail) brand is McLaren's version of the Porsche GT cars, offering faster, more track-focused and more pared back versions of their regular cars. So the 675LT Spider is the more hardcore iteration of the 650S Spider. 

Technical Highlights

The Spider is mechanically identical to the 675LT coupe, save for the roof mechanism, which adds 40kg. However, the LT Spider saves 100kg compare to an equivalent 650S Spider, with 35kg saved on the body panels, mostly through the use of carbon fibre, and 30kg saved in the use of lightweight suspension components (many brought across from the P1). A further 10kg is saved in the powertrain, while 20kg and 5kg are saved in the interior and electrical systems respectively. This brings the dry weight down to an impressive 1270kg.

The aerodynamics have been optimised to give a 40% increase in downforce. Most of this is obviously due to the jutting chin splitter and the 50% larger air brake, which now stretches across the whole width of the car. You'll also notice the fins at the side of the nose, which are designed to smooth the airflow past the front wheels and keep it attached to the sides of the car.

Over half of the engine components have also been upgraded, with more efficient turbos, lightweight con rods and detail design changes to the inlet and exhaust manifolds, to name just a few of the alterations.

What's it like to drive?

Duck under the door and drop over the high sill and you find yourself in a perfect driving position. The deep bucket holds you securely and the high shoulder line makes you feel cocooned, even with the roof down. 

The sense of connection through both the steering and the seat of your pants is undoubtedly the best of any modern McLaren. The steering rack makes the car feel alert and gives you a tremendous sense of how the front wheels are reacting and what the road surface is like. The ride is firm enough to hint at the LT's track aspirations, but there's still plently of travel and suppleness to make road driving a joy. The balance is superb, the car always encouraging you to push harder and then rewarding when you do.

The soundtrack is also far more thrilling than with any other road iteration of the McLaren 3.8-litre twin turbo V8 that we've tried. In short, the 675LT Spider is superb and it's great to think that this won't be the last LT we see.

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