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  • Mileage: 10,520
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Engine Size: 5379cc
  • Interior Colour: Oatmeal
  • Exterior Colour: Silver Tempest
  • Body Style: Saloon
  • Seats: 5
  • Service: Rolls Royce Service
  • Reg date: 2001/5

Optional extras

  • Blue Steering Wheel
  • Blue Upper Dash
  • Lambs Wool Over-Mats
  • Chrome Wheels
  • Whitewall Tyres
  • Veneered Picnic Tables
  • Veneered Waistrails
  • Fan Seat Style
  • Ruche Seat Panels & Door Panels
  • Top Tinted Windscreen
  • CD Autochanger
  • Telephone Handset
  • Heated Rear Seats
  • Electric Rear Seats
  • Parking Aid


Seat yourself behind the long bonnet and glimpse the Spirit of Ecstasy at the end and you know you've definitely arrived. 

Look up the word 'seraph' in the dictionary and you'll arrive at "A celestial being of the highest order, associated especially with light, ardour and purity". The key design feature of the car is the elegantly shouldered waistline, plateauing ahead of the front door handles and arching in a sweeping continuous line. 

The Silver Seraph features a rounded seat silhouette and gently curved console to highlight luxurious amenities. The Rolls Royce reputation for superior craftsmanship and attention to detail is showcased on the interior.

The all-aluminium V12 engine has been mated to an adaptive five-speed transmission and a new suspension system to give the Silver Seraph a swift, yet refined driving experience. The engine is very responsive, pulling the heavyweight contendor to 60mph in a mere 6.9 seconds. The design gives the Silver Seraph greater stability particularly when cornering and at speed. 

Think of the Silver Seraph as the best combination of British craftsmanship and German engineering. 

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