“I believe the future is electric,” says Aston Martin’s boss Andy Palmer. That future, says AM, translates into a 1000bhp, all-electric supercar by 2017.

Yes folks, welcome to the new age of performance cars. Speaking at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit in London this week, Palmer spoke of his plans to introduce monster electric power into his company’s sportscars.

“We’re talking about an electric Aston Martin with between 800 and 1,000 horsepower,” Palmer said. “Imagine having all that torque on demand.”

Imagine indeed. Though Palmer’s remarks likely point to the DBX crossover (pictured above), which launched earlier this year as a full electric concept and has been green-lit for production, more models in the Aston Martin line-up are also likely to benefit from electric power. But not just yet.

“We’re a V12 engine company,” Palmer said. “Project that into the future. Do I go the way of the rest of the industry and downsize the engine? Do I see Aston Martin with a three-cylinder engine?

“God forbid,” he added. “You’ve got to do something radical. Electric power gives you that power. It gives you that torque.”

Such radical sportscars would remain at the top of the automotive tree, too, Palmer stating he doesn’t want Aston to be the “vanilla in the middle”.

Naturally, the talk of battery range cropped up. “We have to overcome range anxiety,” he said, “but that’s much better than the range panic that you’re going to get from having only four hydrogen stations in the UK. There are plugs everywhere.”

Including it seems, on the silver screen too. With all attention focused on 007 at the moment, Palmer also hinted at something even more radical: a fully-electric James Bond car.

“It’s an awfully good getaway vehicle,” he said. “I don’t think James really cares what the powertrain is as long as it’s fast and beautiful.”

Source: www.topgear.com