Bentley reveals jet-inspired Breitling Continental GT Speed

Bentley has announced the production of seven limited-edition Continentals customised by the firm’s Mulliner personalisation division. Officially named the Bentley Continental GT Speed Breitling Jet Team Series limited edition (quite a mouthful), their inspiration was taken from the watchmaker-sponsored jet display team, set to embark on a tour of North America and Canada in July 2015.

Whilst the cars’ technical specification remains unchanged, the Continental GT Speed gets an extreme makeover, both inside and out.

Extreme customisation meets immense speed

Bentley’s Mulliner division is renowned for pushing the boundaries of design (and taste), and the Jet Series is no exception. The handcrafted models feature a two-tone look, with the cars’ subdued blue and onyx scheme coupled with a colour match to the Breitling L-39 Albatros jets’ distinctive yellow highlights.

Simply numbering the vehicles wasn’t enough for Mulliner. Each carcorresponds to one of the seven Breitling jets. Mulliner has designed graphics for the carbonfibre fascia panel displaying the jet team in formation and the corresponding jet to their own car in yellow (see below).

To go that extra mile, Bentley has announced that the owners will be handed over the keys from the corresponding jet’s pilot personally at the Boeing Seafair Airshow in Seattle on 31 July 2015, where the cars will make their public debut.

Pass the bucket

What Bentley has also pledged is before the owners are given the keys to their limited edition Continental, they have to experience a flight in their corresponding jet. Things could get messy.





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