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Paint Protection Film for your BMW

Protect your BMW from stone chips, scratches, scuffs, birdlime, harsh weather conditions and road debris.


Protecting the paintwork on your BMW with Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a no-brainer. The benefits are as follows:

+ PPF protects against stone chips, scratches scuffs and more

+ PPF prevents swirl marks & paintwork dullness

+ PPF increases the value of your Tesla when selling it

+ PPF reduces the chances of needing an expensive paint jobs

+ PPF reduces stress!

Partial Front

+ Front Bumper

+ Lights

1/2 Day Process

From £599 +VAT

Full Front

+ Full Bonnet

+ Bumper

+ Wings

+ A Pillars

+ Wing Mirrors

+ 2 Day Process

From £1,800 + VAT

Full Body

+ Coverage of all external painted services

+ Coverage of all exterior carbon

+ 3 Day Process

From £3,200 + VAT


The benefits of using GVE Detailing for your PPF application are:

+ One of the best setups in the industry having been perfected over 5 years

+ 5,000 sqft installation centre purposely built for PPF applications

+ We employ XPEL Factory Trained Technicians with decades of experience between them

+ Part of one of the largest supercar showrooms in the country

+ We have worked on a wide amount of BMWs.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is PPF?

PPF or Paint Protection Film is a polyurethane (plastic) film that is transparent (clear), tough and flexible.

What does PPF do?

Once applied, Paint Protection Film will protect your BMW against stone chips, scuffs, scratches, birdlime and harsh weather.

How is PPF installed?

First, we’ll carry out a maintenance wash followed by a clay bar decontamination, then a one stage polish (for front end and full coverage packages only) finishing off with panel surface preparation.

Then we apply the PPF using a specially formulated gel solution – we use a range of squeegees to ensure that there are no creases or bubbles after application and that no corners or edges of PPF are visible.

Do you use knives during application?

No. We have invested in one of the latest plotter machines which cuts out specially designed panel shapes meaning they can be directly applied, so there’s no need to cut on the car!

What happens if my PPF gets scratched?

Don’t worry! We use SunTek and XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection film which is self healing. This means the polymer that the film is made up of has a memory – simply apply heat to the scratched area using a hair dryer, heat gun or hot water. This will stimulate the memory of the polymer, causing it to return to its original position, making those annoying scratches disappear.

Will the Sun fade wrapped paintwork?

Yes. Our Paint Protection Film allows the Sun’s UV rays to fade the paintwork of the car at the same rate as unprotected panels.

Does a wrapped car require special maintenance?

No. Your BMW can be washed and waxed as regular.

How long do I have to wait to get my car wrapped if I've just had it resprayed?

The time that the bodyshop (you used) recommend you to wait to wax the paint of your BMW should be the same time you will need to wait to have Paint Protection Film applied.

Can I use ceramic coatings on a wrapped car?

Yes. Gtechniq and other ceramic coatings can be applied – the properties and memory of the Paint Protection Film won’t be affected.

Can PPF be removed?

Yes. Very easily in-fact and does not leave any marks or residue.

What is the difference between PPF and Vinyl Wrap?

Paint Protection Film is designed for protecting your car against stone chips, scuffs, scratches, birdlime and harsh weather, where as vinyl is designed to change the aesthetics of you BMW.

Vinly can also protect the paintwork of you car, but not to the same extent as PPF will.

Do you offer Courtesy Cars?

Yes, Courtesy Cars are available when you have your BMW PPF’d at GVE. We have a range of vehicles to suit your needs.

Do we take parts off cars during the PPF installation process?

We use a state of the art plotter to cut specialised designed patterns. These patterns are then applied to your BMW without having to remove parts.

However, if you want a seamless finish, our skilled technicians will remove panels in order to apply the PPF, allowing us to wrap around the edges of the panels to reduce the visibility of the film as much as possible.


View our latest video showcasing our work on a BMW X7. To see more of our work click on to our portfolio to see us in action or view our instagram posts below.