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Supercar Bodyshop Alloy Wheel Repair

Alloy wheels are very likely to get curbed, scratched and scuffed at some point, but don't worry - GVE's technitians can repair them to showroom standard.


At the GVE Bodyshop, we are able to restore your vehicle alloy wheels to their original condition. Our team can repair scratches, scuffing and chips all onsite.


Our workshop is equipped with air-filtration and extraction systems to avoid the risk of dust particles and humidity ruining the paintwork. We can also offer a quick and convenient cosmetic restoration. We can get an exact colour match to your damaged wheels or, if you wish, we can also give you any custom colour or finish. Our expert team use roadworthy techniques, whereby you do not have to worry about filler becoming loose and falling out at a later date.

For buckled and cracked wheels, we use computer-controlled lathe and rolling machine to re-machine and re-roll wheels. This technique enables us to restore bent or badly cracked rims. No matter how badly damaged your wheel is, bring it into us and our team will quickly assess it.