Ford Mustang - GVE London


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    £ 49,900


This Ford Mustang, finished in Granite Grey, has been fitted with black alloy wheels and red brake calipers and has been fully de chromed. The car includes Roush hood, window and rear quarter panel scoops, as well as a rear spoiler, all finished in gloss black.

Anderson Composites carbon fibre components include the Front Upper GT Grill, side skirts with Roush Rear Rocker Winglets, radiator cover and the Type AR rear racing diffuser. Trufiber carbon fibre components include the front chin spoiler, mirror covers and side mirror triangle covers.

The leather saddle interior includes a sat nav, rear parking sensors, heated and ventilated seats, an upgraded Shaker Pro Surround Sound System and a custom made grey Watson Racing Bolt-in 4 point roll bar.

The 5.0L V8 Engine produces 727 bhp. It has been fitted with a Roush TVS Phase 2 Supercharger with a custom tune, as well as MMR timing and oil pump gears and oil cooler kit. UPR engine mounts and Kooks long tube headers have also been included.


  • Over 40K in Aftermarket Upgrades
  • Over 750BHP
  • Granite Grey
  • Black Alloy Wheels
  • Anderson Composites Front Upper GT Grill (Full Carbon Fibre)
  • Cervini C-series Lower Grill
  • Anderson Composites Full Carbon Fibre Side Skirts with Roush Rear Rocker Winglets.
  • Anderson Composites Rear Racing Diffuser Type AR (Full Carbon Fibre)
  • Custom Howling Coyote 5.0 Front Grill Badge (Aluminum Black)
  • Black 5.0 Fender Badges + Aluminium Supercharged Badge
  • Black Rear GT Badge (Including US Spec Rear Decklid.)
  • Side and Rear Window Tints Fitted by Specialists Tints, Dunstable.
  • All chrome, Roof, Lights and Reflectors Wrapped and Tinted
  • Roush Hood Scoop (Gloss Black)
  • Roush Window Scoops (Gloss Black)
  • Roush Rear Quarter Panel Scoops (Gloss Black)
  • Roush Rear Spoiler (Gloss black)
  • Trufiber Front Chin Spoiler (Full Carbon Fibre)
  • Ford Racing GT350 Rear Seat Delete Kit
  • Trufiber Carbon Full Fibre Mirror Covers
  • Trufiber Side Mirror Triangle Covers Full Carbon Fibre
  • Ford US Spec Hood Vents (Gloss Black)
  • Anderson Composites Full carbon Fibre Radiator Cover
  • Front and Rear Brake Callipers Painted Red
  • Aluminium Hood Pins
  • AnchorRoom Light Tints
  • Leather Saddle Interior
  • Sat Nav
  • Rear Parking Sensors
  • Heated/Ventilated Seats
  • Upgraded Shaker Pro Surround Sound System
  • Watson Racing Bolt in 4 point Roll Bar - Custom Made Order (Grey)
  • Roush TVS Phase 2 Supercharger (727hp) with a custom tune.
  • MMR Timing Gears
  • MMR Oil Pump Gears
  • MMR Oil Cooler Kit
  • UPR Engine Mounts
  • Kooks Long Tube Headers