Chrome Blue Audi R8 Vinyl Wrap – This customer travelled to us all the way from Wales! He found us on the internet, through Facebook. (Just goes to show how important a social media presence is these days.) He wanted to have his Audi R8 wrapped and had a specific vision in mind of the design he wanted. Unfortunately he couldn’t find a picture online that satisfied his vision. Luckily the GVE Customs team came to his rescue.

Our customer decided to have is beloved Audi R8 Wrapped in Chrome Blue. We ordered the Chrome Blue Vinyl from one of the best suppliers in the UK, Hexis. Working with chrome vinyl takes a lot of skill, as if too much heat is applied, the vinyl will steam up. Plus the multiple layers of the vinyl make it difficult to bend and stretch. The bonnet and roof were then wrapped with a carbon fibre patterned vinyl.

Our customer was over the moon when he collected his car. His mind was absolutely blown away with results that the talented team at GVE customs team were able to achieve. He is sure to return to GVE London in the future, as returning clients make up almost half of our custom. This is due to our caring customer service and high standards of work.

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