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Caliper Colour Change Service

Change the colour of your calipers today! We can colour match any shade of any colour to ensure that your calipers compliment the rest of you supercar.


Match or contrast your brake caliper colour to make your car stand out from the crowd with our Brake Caliper Painting/Colour Change service. We use the very best quality high temperature paints so your brake calipers won’t chip, crack, fade or rust under any conditions.

We offer a huge choice of colours or can custom mix paint to your exact requirements. Simply click the “Book Appointment” button below to organise a time slot for your vehicle or click the “Request Consultation” button to speak to one of of our team members for expert advice on what the best option would be for your vehicle.


We have put together a portfolio of our previous work for our customers to view in the hope that seeing us in action will put your mind at rest and help you to realise that we’re the best at what we do. Just simply click the play button!

  • 🖐 Hands down- the BEST looking Tesla we've ever seen❗️ ⠀
👑 @GVECustoms have just finished work on this #TeslaModelS in this striking #SatinChromeBlue! 🔵
👤 A very good client of ours wanted the work done on his Tesla after previously having working carried out on his #Ferrari458 which he purchased from our colleagues over @GVEShowroom! He wanted something special- our design team worked tirelessly to come up with something that would blow the mind of any expectations on this car! ⠀
🧽 Just before the vehicle was handed back to our client, @GVEDetailing carried out a complementary Maintenance Wash and detail to ensure the vehicle was in pristine condition! ⠀
Want your vehicle wrapped❓Call us today on 📞 020 8573 8488 | 📥 info@gvelondon.com | 🤳 Drop us a message! ⠀
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  • One of the nicest California’s on the road ⁉️ @gvecustoms have just completed wrapping this Ferrari California in Satin Black from its original Silver paintwork.⠀
In total the work only took a matter of days to complete!⠀
Want your vehicle wrapped? Call us today for a quote! 020 8573 8488 | info@gvelondon.com | Drop us a message!
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  • Throwback to when @gvecustoms completed work on this  #Mclaren675LT Spider , now complete in the stunning #BlazeOrange. Our design team worked with our client in order to come up with the perfect colour scheme for this vehicle- it's fair to say they delivered! 🍊⁣
⚫️ ➡️ 🍊⁣
👑 The #GVE Customs design team are highly trained experts at designing and fitting vehicle wraps; boasting decades of experience.⁣
📞 Call us today to enquire about getting your vehicle transformed ☀️. 020 8573 8488 | 📥 info@gvelondon.com⁣
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  • In business you have to take the good with the bad. We have hundreds of very good experiences with our amazing clients every year.
Sometimes the work can be mega challenging but we accept the challenge, 99% of the time it goes according to plan, customer is over the moon and we’ve created a customer for life.
1% of the time it doesn’t go according to plan. In these situations, it’s how we respond the matters the most.
Unfortunately with @motorlogix BMW M2 quite a few things didn’t go according to plan.
When the Ppf, wrap and the mods were done. The customer drove away the car happy as you could be as shown in the screenshots above.
Over time a few issues were raised. As a result, comments have been made about us. So our side is as follows:1.	Andy chose that particular vinyl despite our installers telling him that the finish and the quality of it wasn’t the best. 
2.	We have agreed that as a result of the film and the massive pressure put on us to meet a very tight deadline (due to delays in sourcing film) the overall quality of the job wasn’t the best it could be, nevertheless we have said we are more than happy to rectify any issues he’s ever found. 
3.	We have offered to re-wrap the car FOC, to which Andy proceedes to verbally abuse our MD in an aggressive way. We won’t post what he said but lets say most companies would have ceased any communications at that point and perhaps even more. 
4.	The Carbon was attached with the materials that Andy provided and In the way that was directed by Andy. Even when the carbon detached, we said that we are more than happy to rectify it even though it was more likely to have detached because of impact as opposed to fittings. The car was driven for months before the splitter detached only from one side. Once again we got the carbon back, repaired it and reinstalled it.
Unfortunately, Andy is posting images and videos of the old issues from months ago and choosing not to show the results of us rectifying the work. The major problem is that the wrong vinyl was chosen, this is ultimately down to the customerHowever, our offer STILL stands, if he would like us to re-wrap the car then we are willing to do so.
  • Coming out of @gvecustoms recently was this crazy wrap on this now eye-catching Audi TT. 🔥In all, the job only took the team a matter of days to complete, with our client being over-the-moon with the work we’d done! 💪Looking to get your vehicle wrapped? Call us today! 020 8573 8488 | info@gvelondon.com | Drop us a message!
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