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GVE Signature Detailing

Allow our experienced technitians to enhance the paintwork and overall look of your luxury car or supercar with the GVE Signature Detial.


The GVE Signature Detail is the pinnacle of our detailing services. It is suited for those who crave the ultimate finish for their trophy vehicle. Our typical clients put high value investment pieces through this process and in the past have seen significant uplifts in the value of their vehicle as a result! Click the link below to book an appointment or request a consultation with one of our expert team members.


1. PRE DETAIL WASH – Vehicle is prepared by going through our maintenance detail process.

2. STEAM CLEAN – Engine Bay, Underbody and chassis is steam cleaned.

3. DECONTAMINATION – A suitable grade of clay bar is used to remove bonded contaminants such as tar, fallout and sap just to name a few.


4. INSPECTION – Using a ultrasonic paint depth measurer and a variation of lighting we determine the true state of the vehicle’s paint and to what extent we can revive the paint surface.

5. SANDING – A variation of abrasives are used to re-level the paint surface, flattening the surface which eliminates the dreaded “orange peel”.

6. POLISHING – Four to five stages of machine polishing is required on the flattened surface to achieve a high definition sharp reflection with a smooth surface.

7. ENGINE BAY / CHASSIS / UNDERCARRIAGE – All steel, carbon and painted areas in the chassis, engine bay and under carriage are polished.

​8. WHEELS – Wheels removed and refurbished where applicable. Hubs, callipers and suspension parts are polished and protected using a high temperature resistant coating.

9. WET INTERIOR CLEANSE – Anti-bacterial cleansing of the interior, stain removal and deep leather treatment on seats, carpets, floor mats, door cards, dashboard, centre console and boot area. Leather connollising applied where applicable.

10. CERAMIC SEALANT – A twin layer of our flagship ceramic coating is applied to the paintwork, giving up to 7 years durability. Also applied to glass, steel, rubber, trims and all fabrics and leather.

Surface Re-Levelling / Eliminating Orange Peel
4 to 5 Stages of Polishing
2 Layers of Ceramic Protection
From £3,000 + VAT


We have put together a portfolio of our previous work for our customers to view in the hope that seeing us in action will put your mind at rest and help you to realise that we’re the best at what we do. Just simply click the play button!

  • Another example of our clients making the most of our one-stop shop here @GVELondon❗️ After purchasing his stunning Porsche GT3 RS from @GVEShowroom, our client wanted to make sure his pride and joy remained in an immaculate showroom condition. Just days after purchase, our client brought his car back to us in order to apply Full Xpel Satin PPF. The results not only being practical- the car has now got a whole new look! 🔥Want to protect your car from nasty stone chips and scratches❓Call us today! 📞 020 8573 8488 | 📩 info@gvelondon.com | 📥 Drop us a message!
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  • Golf R. Brought into us @GVELondon. Receiving a full detail along with XPEL PPF coverage. ⁣
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  • 👤 Our client came to us wanting to protect the immaculate condition of his paintwork on his new #Porsche911. 🚫 ❗️Not only was our client able to protect his vehicle with our #XpelultimatePPF film, but he opted to go for the Satin finish to give his 911 a completely new look!1️⃣ Before the vehicle came into our specialist detailing bay, the vehicle went through a full maintenance wash to remove any contaminants on the paintwork's surface. 🧼 Once fully washed, the @GVEDetailing team got to work on applying the film which in total took just 2 days!Want to protect your pride and joy❓Give us a call on 020 8573 8488 | 📥 info@gvelondon.com | 🤳 Drop us a message
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💔😱 The proof is in the pudding... Check out this video where a 458 is saved by our XPEL PPF film. For full video, head to our YouTube channel! ⁣
📞 020 8573 8488 | 📥 info@gvelondon.com | 🤳 Drop us a message!⁣
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  • Very cool car arrived today for Detailing and Front Xpel PPF, Belongs to a very good client and partner of ours over at @trldeals check his page out for all the latest deals over at @berrybmwgroup #xpel #detailing #alpine #sportcars #london