Ferrari 458 Spider on SOR - Mr White

Ferrari 458 Spider on SOR – Helping Mr White sell his car

Our lovely client, Mr. White originally bought his Ferrari 458 Spider from us 3 years ago. Admittedly, he was apprehensive about buying a supercar from an independent dealer. (Something that in many years of buying supercars he had never done.) But after having a great buying experience and years of great fun in the 458, Mr White knew where to come when he was looking to sell it.

Unfortunately there wasn’t much we could do to help with his next purchase as he had placed an order for a new Ferrari 488 directly from the factory, however Mr White had received quite a low offer for his car in part exchange.


We presented two options to Mr White:

  1. An outright offer at level that we still notably higher than his PX valuation.
  2. A Sale or Return (SOR) agreement whereby he was returned substantially more than an outright purchase with a contract term of 3 months.

Luckily Mr White opted for the SOR route. The process for which was as follows:

  • We collected the 458 from his house in our covered car transporter
  • We professionally cleaned and polished his car
  • High quality images and videos were taken
  • The car was then advertised across 5 different platforms

Within 7 weeks, Mr White accepted an offer that was £9,000 more than his PX valuation. Needless to say, we were over the moon in being able to help a valued client and friend of the business.

All was not lost with Mr White’s new purchase either. He stopped Ferrari from arranging the Paint Protection Film Install with their usual supplier and redirected the car our way for the GVE Detailing team to work their magic.

Click here to see a promotional video of this Ferrari 458 Spider on SOR.

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