Ferrari’s new hard-core, track-only version of its LaFerrari supercar has been spotted testing ahead of a planned launch early next year.

Dubbed the XX, this model is likely to feature significant weight savings and aerodynamic upgrades. However, officials have already confirmed it would be “difficult” to extract any more power from LaFerrari’s current combined 950bhp hybrid output, saying this new model will have “more or less” the same power.

Previous early test mules, spotted at the Nürburgring, featured an unpainted body with its traditional windows replaced by sliding plastic units.

This latest test mule was caught at Ferrari’s Fiorano test track, and features new a camouflaged body. The biggest styling change is the adoption of a new, split rear spoiler, which gives the car a far more aggressive look. A new front splitter can also be seen.

Our spies report the new car setting a time of around 6min 35 seconds around the ‘Ring, which could potentially mean a new lap record for production cars.

Ferrari’s plans to introduce the new model were confirmed by the firm’s Sporting Activity Department boss, Antonella Coletta.

Speaking to the Australian press, Coletta said that he hoped that the new LaFerrai XX would appear in “January or February” next year. The new model follows on from the original FXX, which was based on the Enzo, and the 599XX.

Ferrari’s engineering efforts will be put into completely re-tuning the handling of the track-focused machine. Coletta said that the suspension system, the aerodynamics and the car’s electrical systems would also be rethought on the new XX. The car will also wear slick tyres.

The upshot is that the car’s performance maybe improved across certain parameters, according to Coletta, as a consequence of these improvements, though he also said making the new car faster than its sibling would be “very hard… but that is the challenge.”