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Inspections Tests & Reports – Did you know that a third of second-hand cars have significant hidden problems that could cost the new owner large sums of money? Purchasing a vehicle is rarely stress-free, an intelligent buyer would always take precautions to minimize any risk such as vehicle inspection.

Click the link below to get in touch with one of our highly trained technicians. They have decades of experience and are Ex-Lamborghini, Maserati and Ferrari workers. This experience has made them experts in their field.


GVE Servicing provides such a service. Spare yourself the risk and potentially save thousands of pounds with our rigorous vehicle inspection service. Utilizing the latest and most advanced diagnostic software and equipment, our servicing team can carry out a variety of inspections, tests and reports in order to determine any faults or worrying signs with a vehicle.


We provide you with an independent, unbiased and detailed report on all aspects of a vehicle therefore eliminating any potential risk to you when purchasing a car. Each inspection we carry out is tailored to the vehicle.


Our servicing team has decades of experience and will know to look out for common issues on particular cars. For example, the exhaust manifold on a Ferrari F355 to any sub-frame issues on a BMW E46 M3. All pre-purchase inspections are carried out on site.