The McLaren 540C will be making its global debut at the Shanghai motor show later this month.

The 540C is the second in the Woking-based manufacturer’s new Sport Series range, following he 570S.

This 540C will be the entry-level model to the Sport Series range and will bring the starting price for the company’s cars down to around the £127,00 mark – notably lower than the 570S’s £143,250.

It will be aimed at the standard Porsche 911, whereas the 570S is targeting the more powerful 911 Turbo. It is expected to offer 533bhp from its engine. This output equates to 540PS, and is what gives the car its name, as with the 570S.

The 540C is predominantly aimed at the Asian market and is expected to go on sale not long after its public debut at the Shanghai motor show on 22 April.