McLaren will replace its current 650S models with an all-new supercar in 2018, Autocar has learned. Currently referred to as the P14, the new model forms part of the British manufacturer’s commitment to launch a new model every year.

The car is expected to feature McLaren’s carbonfibre tub and 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged engine, although its power output will be extended beyond the 641bhp of the 650S.

Peak power of 660bhp would match the P14’s closest current rival, the Ferrari 488 GTB, and still allow the 675LT to crown McLaren’s Super Series range. However, because the 675LT is limited to just 500 units, McLaren may choose to surpass that car’s 666bhp output as well.

To beat the Ferrari, McLaren will have to ensure the P14 can reach 62mph in less than 3.0sec and attain a top speed of more than 205mph.

The P14’s styling is understood to represent a clean slate for McLaren, as well as setting the company’s design template for its next batch of models.

McLaren design director Frank Stephenson has already said the P14 will be “even crazier” than the P1 hypercar, but the company’s established hallmarks, such as its distinctive side-mounted air intakes and front bumper design, are likely to remain.

The P14 will still feature an extreme design language, because McLaren regards this as a way to keep the emotion associated with its brand at a high level.

An open-top variant is also planned and, like today’s 650S Spider, it will feature a folding hard-top roof. Although the 650S Spider was launched at the Geneva motor show in 2014 alongside the 650S Coupé, McLaren’s current launch strategy means the convertible P14 is likely to be seen around a year after the coupé goes on sale.

Prices for the P14 are expected to rise over those of the current 650S, which is £192,250 in coupé form and £215,250 as a convertible.