McLaren MP4-12C Suspension Replacement:

We are one of the only independent service centres in the UK that regularly work on McLarens. It’s no surprise as we sell so many of them!

Our technicians have worked on over 100 McLarens over the last few years. We have the right diagnostic tools to pinpoint the vast majority of faults that can occur with them.

Today at GVE Servicing our senior technician, Bruce, changed the springs and suspension arms on a McLaren MP4-12C.

He explained that the first sign of finding out whether or not there’s an issue with the suspension on this MP4-12C is that every time the car goes over a bump or pothole, you’ll hear a knock.

This specific McLaren has a manufacturing fault. The suspension springs were cracked. As the car continued to go over bumps, the metal kept on grinding against other parts. This removed the rust proof layer, making it weaker and prone to corrosion.

Bruce successfully changed top and bottom suspension arms and coil springs. After a test drive, this MP4-12C will be returned to the client in perfect working order.

If you need your McLaren to be serviced or repaired don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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