Mercedes Senzati Gve london

At GVE London we enjoy luxury, but usually the loud and fast kind, but when one of our loyal clients who previously sold his Lamborghini Aventador and bought a Ferrari 488 Spyder from us was having a problem selling their Mercedes Benz Senzati, a First Class Cabin on Wheels, we knew we could get the job done with our SOR service (Sales or Return).  Selling on SOR provides the best possible return on a vehicles value for the seller.

Previously owned by Premiership star, Connor Wickam, there is little that you could wish for that a Mercedes-Benz Senzati couldn’t deliver, being the ultimate in luxury and convenience.

Our Client

Looking to expand their luxury VIP fleet, startup Berkley Executive found their interest piqued almost immediately, with no other vehicles being able to deliver the same level of comfort and enjoyment. Co-founded with the renowned musician, John Newman, Berkley Executive aim to deliver a bespoke luxury chauffeur service, and with unrivalled leisure and satisfaction, the Senzati delivers everything that they require to chauffeur the rich and famous around London and the UK.

The Result

Great customer service and excellent presentation of the vehicle meant that Berkley Executive decided to buy the Mercedes-Benz Senzati within 10 minutes of viewing it, making it one of our quickest sales processes to date.

We aim to please at GVE London, and look forward to sourcing and delivering the best in luxury vehicles when Berkley Executive start to expand their fleet even further.