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Alloy Colour Change

Fancy changing the colour of your Alloys? We work on any type of wheel and work with a range of colours. 2 to 3 day turnaround . Prices from £100 per wheel



The GVE Customs team have decades of experience in the Alloy Wheel Colour Change service. Alloy wheels can be colour coded or painted to any desired colour, no matter how loud or outrageous it may be. The most popular trends include:

– Black or gray for a more sporty look.
– Colour coding to match the bodywork.
– Personalised colour coding to make your vehicle more unique.

We can achieve satin, gloss and matte finishes. To achieve a chrome finish, we would ‘diamond cut’ the alloys. We would do this by putting the alloy wheel a lathe and part of or the entire painted surface of the wheel machined off to leave a shiny finish. We would the apply a lacquer over the alloys to prevent corrosion.

We can also colour match your wheels to the paint, wrap or calliper colour and vice versa.



Diamond cut wheels are also customisable. The painted inserts and polished face can create a two layer effect which can complement each other beautifully. The wheels are painted on both the face and the inside.

Price will include repair to any damage (such as scratches, dents and kerbed wheels) on the wheels. Click the button below to book an appointment for an Alloy Wheel Colour Change today!