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Window Tinting Services

Our expert installers with decades of experience will tint all models of cars from £199 + VAT



The GVE Customs team also offer a fast, professional window tinting service in accordance with UK law. To produce perfect results, a great deal of care and workmanship is needed when having your car window tinted. Our legal tints are produced in a spotlessly clean and dust-free environment to ensure the highest possible standards are achieved, time after time. Zero blemishes – 100% satisfaction.



SAFETY – Window tint films help prevent the glass from shattering into a million pieces, reducing the risk of injury, whilst also deterring an opportunist theft.

SECURITY – Anyone carrying a lap-top or other expensive equipment should consider tinted glass – if it can’t be seen, there is no temptation for smash and grab – makes complete sense.

COMFORT – Tinted windows can reduce the heat (and UV rays) coming into your vehicle.


PETS – A tinted car window reduces heat and glare making for a more comfortable pet. If you’re precious cargo is a show dog of high value, your tinted windows will prevent prying eyes and potential dog-snatching.

KIDS – On long journeys, youngsters can get pretty hot and fed-up with all that sun streaming into the car, constant squinting can cause headaches too. Imagine the peace and quiet window tinting could provide.

FACELIFT – Gorgeous Window Tinting Services can transform entire cars.