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Supercar Detailing Services

GVE Detailing, UK's premier detailing centre based in London. Services include Paint Correction, Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coating and New Car Detail.


Supercar Detailing – Welcome to the UK’s premier vehicle detailing and paint protection centre, where we perform the following Supercar Detailing Services:

Paint Protection Film and Paint Protection Spray – protecting your car from stones-chips scratches, scuffs, birdlime, harsh weather conditions and road debris.

Ceramic Coating and Maintenance Washes – ensuring that you car is kept clean and free from any damage.

Enhancement Details and Correction Details – making sure that the paintwork of your car stays looking factory fresh.

Operating from purpose built facilities in West London, our goal is to provide the pinnacle of vehicle preparation and protection, delivering breathtaking results every time. Founded on a passion for excellence and unrivalled customer service, continuously striving to exceed industry standards.

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We are immensely proud of the work we do here at GVE Detailing, one example being the iconic F40 we bought back to life after years of paint damage it sustained. Watch the video opposite to see how much pride we take in our Supercar Detailing work.

Our trained technicians have decades of experience between them, working on 100’s of supercars and luxury cars. They operate out of a dust free sterile environment to ensure that no contaminants will ruin the finish of your car. Most other Detailing companies operate out of a small dusty unit, which explains why our finishes are second to none.

Dust and other contaminants can completely ruin a Detailing job. For example, dust can prevent Paint Protection Film from sticking to a body panel of a car, making it more likely to peel.

We have also selected some of our key Supercar Detailing Service projects that we’ve worked on over the years, to view them click below.

  • ✨BMW M4 receiving a full detail, including a polish to remove swirl marks, scratches and any defects in the paintwork. The before and after’s of this car are insane❗️ #gvelondon #gvedetailing #detailing #cardetailing #detailingcars #detailingworld #supercars #gve #carstagram #carinsta #madwhips
  • Another PPS job here @GVEBodyshop! The owner of this Bentley Bentayga wanted to add a 2 tone element to his new pride and joy! ⁣
This is an option available with Bentley but this particular vehicle didn’t come with that so our client came to us about spraying their bonnet, roof and bumpers with our peelable paint! @claritycoat ⁣
The benefit of using peelable paint gives our client the option to remove the paint when he decides to sell his Bentayga or is simply looking to go for a new look! ⁣
If you’d be interested in customising your vehicle using our latest technology @claritycoat, then do get in touch! 020 8573 8488 | info@gvelondon.com ⁣
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  • Snow has come early this year ❄️ @gvedetailing ⁣
Every vehicle receives a full detail when any work is carried out on vehicles that arrive @gvelondon! 🚿 Subject to terms. ⁣
#detailing #snowfoam #cardetailing #detailingworld #detailingcars #carstagram #carinsta #cargram #ferrari #gve #gvelondon #gvedetailing
  • Our latest PPS job to arrive here at #GVELondon is this stunning Ferrari 488 Pista. ⁣
Coming in for @claritycoat work, this vehicle is going to be getting new stripes across the bodywork! How would you spec your 488 Pista? ⁣
So what exactly is ClarityCoat? It is sprayable paint protection with a minimum of 200 microns worth of protection to your original paintwork, also allowing you to change the colour of your vehicle at the same time. ⁣
◾️Incredible stone chip resistance ⁣
◾️Can be sanded and polished ⁣
◾️No Lifting at edges ⁣
◾️All surfaces are compatible⁣
Stay tuned to see the results of this Pista. 🔜 ⁣
📞020 8573 8488 ⁣
📱Drop us a message ⁣
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  • Check out these crazy before and after’s from this Mercedes SL63 AMG which came in for a Correction Detail last week. ✨ 🗣Our client wanted to bring the life back into his paintwork after year’s of neglect from poor car washes!

Call us today to get your car booked in! 📞 020 8573 8488 | 📧 info@gvelondon.com

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