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What is Sprayable Paint Protection?

Sprayable Paint Protection is a revolutionary removable Solution – an alternative to PPF (Paint Protection Film). It provides superior stone chip protection and an incredible resistance to scratches from tree branches and keys.

It offers a minimum of 250 microns of protection on top of your paintwork. No edges, joints or seams are visible after application, leaving your car in pristine condition.

It offers more protection than PPF and can provide a more accurate colour match when compared to a vinyl wrap.

Why choose GVE?

We are the 1st to bring Clarity Coat’s Sprayable Paint Protection to the UK! Our technicians have been trained and are now officially accredited installers of the product.

The quality of our work and customer service is second to none. Click below to get a no obligation quote to have your car protected, today!


+ Front Bumper



+ Full Bonnet

+ Bumper

+ Wings

+ A Pillars

+ Wing Mirrors



+ Coverage of all external painted services

+ Coverage of all exterior carbon


The popularity of Sprayable Paint Protection is growing fast! Just incase you don’t know what Sprayable Paint Protection is all about, we’ve put this list together to give you some insight. If you have any additional questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!

What is Sprayable Paint Protection?

SPP is a revolutionary removable Sprayable Paint Protection Solution – an alternative to PPF (Paint Protection Film).

What does Sprayable Paint Protection do?

Once applied, Sprayable Paint Protection will protect your car against stone chips, scuffs, scratches, birdlime and harsh weather.

How is Sprayable Paint Protection applied?

Sprayable Paint Protection is applied in a spray booth, just like a respray. Our technicians use specialist paint guns in a well ventilated, sterile environment.

What happens if my Sprayable Paint Protection gets scratched?

Don’t worry! We use Clarity Coat Pro + Ceramic Coating which works in conjunction with Opti-Shield which not only provides extreme protection but offers unrivalled levels of gloss. Should you get any scratches they can simply be polished out (unlike PPF).

Does a Sprayable Paint Protected car require special maintenance?

No. The car can be washed and waxed as regular.

How long do I have to wait to get my car Sprayable Paint Protected if I've just had it resprayed?

The time that the bodyshop (you used) recommend you to wait to wax the paint on your car, should be the same time you will need to wait to apply Sprayable Paint Protection (Generally 4 Weeks).

Can I use ceramic coatings on a Sprayable Paint Protected car?

Yes. Clarity Coat Pro + can be applied – the properties and memory of the SPP won’t be affected.

Can Sprayable Paint Protection be removed?

Yes, SPP layer can be removed easily – it can be peeled off your car’s body panels by our trained technicians.

Why Choose GVE?

We are the 1st in the UK to apply this product and we are accredited buy our world renowned suppliers, Clarity Coat.

Do you offer Courtesy Cars?

Yes, Courtesy Cars are available when you have your car Sprayable Paint Protected at GVE. We have a range of vehicles to suit your needs.