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Supercar Maintenance & Wash Services

Allow our team to ensure that your supercar or luxury car is gleaming. We clean cars thoroughly and apply treatment to make sure your car looks perfect.



Supercar Maintenance & Wash Services – Our Maintenance Wash is our entry level package designed to freshen up the appearance of your pride and joy. This should typically be done following an Enhancement or Correction Detail at regular intervals to ensure the quality of the paintwork is maintained.



1. We use heated and softened water – Important to prevent water markings.

2. A multiple bucket system using grit-guard is used to ensure no grit gets in the wash solution and causing swirl marks.

3. We use a lambs wool or a sheep skin wash mitt – Used for its softness to ensure a swirl free wash.

4. Wheels are rotated 180 degrees during cleaning process – Ensuring all sections of the wheel are done.


5. We use a range of water based products which are PH neutral – Helping to ensure no acid damage and that any protection applied to paint is not removed.

6. Car is dried using Hi-Pile microfibre drying towels.

7. Compressed air is used on the car – Blowing water out of panel gaps minimising any water markings.

8. Any vehicle that has previously been coated with ceramic coating will be topped up with a silica sealant.


9. Any vehicle that has previously been waxed will be treated with a single layer of high grade Carnuba wax.

10. Engine bay / door shuts / trunk area / petrol caps / exhaust tips are conditioned.

11. Interior is dry cleaned with all plastics / glass / leather / carbon fibre / fabric being treated.


We have put together a portfolio of our previous Supercar Maintenance & Wash Services for our customers to view in the hope that seeing us in action will put your mind at rest and help you to realise that we’re the best at what we do. Just simply click the play button!