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Specialist Porsche Servicing

Independent Porsche Service Centre in London. Diagnosis, Repair and Annual servicing from only £399. Ex-Mfr Technicians. Only genuine OEM Parts used.



At GVE Servicing, we offer everything a Porsche main dealer would (and more) for a fraction of the price. Our technicians possess decades of experience and enviable knowledge regarding Specialist Porsche Servicing meaning your vehicle is in safe, trustworthy and reliable hands. All mechanical works we carry out follow the manufacture guidelines and we use only genuine Porsche parts to ensure your warranty isn’t void.


+ We are one of the only independent service centres that are comfortable with servicing and repairing all Porsche models, including the 911, Boxter, Cayman, Macan, Caynenne and Panamera.

+ Our parent company, GVE London has sold over 200 Porsches to date and we have worked on 90% of these in some capacity, including health checks, services and part upgrades.

+ Having decades of experience combined, our highly qualified technicians are aware of the common issues with Porsches, meaning that their efficiency and use of the latest diagnostic tools will save you both time and money.

+ We look to build long term relationships with our Specialist Porsche Servicing clients, so we can assist with other services, such as vehicle detailing, protection and customisation. We may eventually be able to help our customers sell their existing Porsche in order to buy their next supercar.

Full-Fledged Servicing

From oil levels to lights, cooling systems to battery health, our servicing covers it all. We invest in the latest diagnostic technology for precise assessments.

AC Re-Gassing

Keep your Maserati’s air conditioning system running efficiently with our service, including refrigerant recharging, system oil addition, and an anti-bacterial clean.

Tyre Inspection

Our technicians will check tyre condition, tread depth, and pressure to ensure safety and performance. We stock recommended tyres for quick replacements.

MOT Certification

As a fully accredited MOT center, we ensure your Maserati meets all necessary standards.


We’ve listed the answers to the most common questions that we get asked about servicing Porsches, but if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Do you use OEM Porsche parts?

Yes. We have several relationships with Porsche dealerships in the UK, so are able to source OEM parts very quickly.

Do you use diagnostic tools that can investigate faults with Porsches?

Yes. Our diagnostics tool can work with all models of Porsche and has the ability to investigate virtually all aspects of your Porsche.

Do you follow the Porsche Main Dealer's method of repairing and Servicing?

Yes. Our technicians have had decades of experience between them working at Ferrari, Maserati, and Audi. Whilst they haven’t worked at Porsche, working with the other major manufacturers has given them insights on the work processes required.

Have you worked on many Porsches?

Yes, we have worked on over 60 Porsches in our workshop. You’ve certainly found the right place if you’re looking for an alternative to main dealer.

Do you do Porsche pre-purchase health checks?

Yes. We do several health checks on Porsches as we have many in stock, plus we have a large customer base that needs them doing.

Do you repair accident damaged Porsches?

Yes, we can repair any type of Porsche with accident damage. From chassi damage to write-offs, we can bring your car back to showroom condition with the addition of a colour matched paint respray and our detailing services.

Do you repair Porsche roofs?

Yes, we can repair Porsche roofs, including coupes, saloons, SUVs and both hard top and canvas convertible roofs.

Do you source aftermarket parts for Porsches?

Yes, we can source and install aftermarket parts for Porsche. We can install cosmetic or mechanical parts, whether they are manufacture approved or non manufacture approved. Also, we can install parts that you’ve sourced yourself.

Do you offer upgraded exhaust systems for Porsches?

Yes, we can source and install upgraded exhausts for Porsches. Installation takes 4+ hours in our state of the art service centre.

What is the best exhaust system for Porsche?

We recommend installing Akrapovic exhaust systems on Porsches. This won’t just make your Porsche look more unique, the car’s performance will increase and will sound much louder and more aggressive. 

Do you offer Courtesy Cars?

Yes, Courtesy Cars are available when you have your Porsche serviced with GVE. We have a range of vehicles to suit your needs.