A father and son duo wanted to buy a 20th Anniversary Lime Green Audi TT. They saw a similar car at the Geneva Motor Show. Audi don’t offer this specific colour as an option, but luckily they discovered GVE Customs through Instagram.

After making an enquiry, they came to visit the showroom. We were able to colour match the lime green colour to the Audi that they saw at the Geneva Motor Show.

We then ordered in the vinyl from 3M and transformed our customer’s car from a dull grey to a stunning lime-green. 

The Lime Green Audi TT is now ready for summer and is definitely going to get a lot of attention when out on the road.

The guys were so pleased with the job that hey decided to have their mini wrapped in white.

After this, we then repaired and rewrapped a panel on their Range Rover after it had been dented.

They now plan to bring in their Rolls Royce Ghost to get the full PPF treatment.

This just goes to show that the quality of our work and level of customer service is second to none. 

If you are thinking about having your car wrapped, repaired or protected, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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