5 ways to identify a Bad Vinyl Wrap

So, you want to get your car wrapped but want to know the tell-tale signs of a bad vinyl wrap. Look no further! Here are 5 Ways to identify a Bad Vinyl Wrap.

1. Creases can occur when the installer does not stretch the vinyl enough and squeegees the vinyl, causing it to overlap.

2. Bubbling generally occurs when cheap vinyl is used. Cheap vinyl has no channels for excess air to escape, causing trapped air to build up in an area on the panel.

3. Vinyl is likely to peel if it has not superheated after application. Superheating is a process whereby the entire car is heated to an optimum temperature to allow the adhesive on the vinyl bond to the panels of the car correctly. This can also occur if not enough material had been used, having been stretched too much.

4. Steaming or colour/pattern distortion occurs when too much heat is applied to the vinyl or if it has been stretched too much. Chrome or other specialist vinyls are at the highest level of risk due to the complexity of their composition.

5. Prominent Seam lines occur when the vinyl is not cut properly or if it has been overlapped. Seam lines can be accepted if the panel of the car is larger than the length of the vinyl, however this will only happen in extreme cases.

And there we have it – 5 Ways to Identify a Bad Vinyl Wrap!

Here at GVE, we avoid these 5 mistakes by using high quality vinyl from Avery & Dennison, Hexis and other certified suppliers. We also ensure that our technicians are fully trained and have access to the best tools on the market.

Click here to see a vinyl wrapping job done correctly on this amazing Rolls Royce Ghost. The talented technicians at GVE Customs wrapped this car in Sanmarino Blue.

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