Do you own a Lamborghini Huracan? Do you want it to stand out from the others on the road? Allow us to give you some inspiration. Here are 7 Different ways to customise your Lamborghini Huracan:

1. Stealth Satin Black

If you’re going for the stealth look, a satin black vinyl wrap is the way to go! This wouldn’t be complete without a full de-chrome, black wheels and dark window tints. This customisation will have your Huracan looking like the Batmobile! Satin vinyl provides a finish that is wetter than matte, but more textured than gloss.

2. Gloss

Do you want to give your Huracan a factory look, but just in a different colour? A gloss vinyl wrap is the solution! With our ability to wrap door shuts and returns, no one will ever know the original colour of your car. Choose from a range of high quality gloss vinyls supplied by 3M, Oracle and Avery and Dennison.

3. Chrome

If you want to be seen coming from a mile a way, a chrome wrap will do the job! With a colourful mirror finish, no one will be able to miss you. We source our chrome vinyl from Hexis, as their chrome vinyls shine like no other.

4. Flip Colours

These special types of vinyl will make the colour of your Huracan appear different, depending on the angle that you are looking at it and the way the sunlight hits it. Flip colour vinyls can be finishes in chrome, gloss or satin. Choose from a range of high quality flip colour vinyls supplied by 3M, Oracle and Avery and Dennison.

5. Matte

A matte wrap doesn’t shine when the light hits it, however a vibrant matte colour will intensify when the Sun hits it. A darker matte finish can offer a stealth look, similar to satin. Choose from a range of high quality matte vinyls supplied by 3M, Oracle and Avery and Dennison.

6. Decals

If you’re thinking of branding your car with your company logo or want to achieve the race-ready look, decals are a must. We use state of the art plotting machine along with a specialist software to design and cut the decals, meaning no knives are involved in the application process.

7. Body Kit

A body kit can totally transform the look of a car. Check out these amazing bodykits. We can source and install kits just like this from our state of the art servicing centre.

And there we have it: 7 Different Ways to Customise your Lamborghini Huracan! Click here to get your no obligation supercar customisation quote today!

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