Seven hundred and twenty five. That’s the precise horsepower figure being knocked out by this new, Galpin Auto Sports-modified Ford Mustang set to grace the stands at the upcoming SEMA show.

More than a BMW M6. More than a Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG. More than a Lamborghini Huracan. More than… well, you get the message. It’s powerful.

The tuning arm of the largest Ford dealer in the US has turned up the standard, 5.0-litre V8 car’s power from 418bhp to that magical 725bhp using a Whipple supercharger. There’s a glass window on the bonnet to show it off, too, because GAS has deemed it prudent to powder-coat the supercharger gold. Well, why the hell not?

“We really wanted to get the colour as close to 24-carat gold as possible,” said a GAS man. Elsewhere on this modified new ‘Stang you’ll find a Magnaflow exhaust system, suspension componentry from Steeda, a minor facelift, new headlights, a carbon fibre front splitter and rocker panels, a more aggressive rear diffuser and gold flecks in the Batman-spec paintwork.

There are Recaro seats finished in black and gold, black microsuede headliner, and all chrome/metallic finishings have been blacked out. Topping it all off is a set of 20in wheels.

It’s not the only modified new Mustang at SEMA, though; Ford has promised us over a dozen creations, including the blue one you can see in the pictures above. It’s been tuned by Petty’s Garage, with a Roush supercharged V8 and finished in Richard Petty’s ‘famous blue paint’. This one will be auctioned with the proceeds donated to charity.