A Tour of the UKs #1 Supercar Showroom - GVE London!

Have you ever wanted to see what goes on in one of the largest supercar showrooms in the UK? Look no further! In this blog our Sales Director, George, walks us through each of our departments and will give you an insight as to what GVE London is all about!

GVE London is one of the largest supercar showrooms in the UK, if not Europe. We specialise in supercars, luxury cars, hyper cars and pretty much do anything when it comes to cars all under one roof. That includes detailing, customising, servicing, body shops, transport, export, finance – the list is endless!

Let’s start off in the brain of the business which is the office, which not many of you guys get to see. The office consists of accounts, purchasing, admin, sales, marketing and media. We’ve also got our very own office dog, Enzo, who is part of the GVE family!

Next, we have one of my favourite areas of the GVE building – the customer waiting area. Not only do we have our very own bespoke GVE bar, but we’ve got the pool table the table tennis table and just essentially a waiting area for the customers. So if the office was the brains of the building, this is definitely the heart of the building. This is the epicentre of where most deals begin and end.

In the main GVE showroom, we have roughly 50 cars on display, ranging from the likes of the lovely McLaren Senna to a 4×4 daily driver – the Lamborghini Urus, then to the likes of a stunning classic certified Ferrari Enzo signed by Michael Schumacher himself! We’ve also got our classics section and a Ferrari section. We hand pick every car to make sure they meet our high standards so that it matches our expectations and our clients expectations.

In our new GVE photo booth, we picture our cars to the highest standards but we also do handovers here as well. It gives that customer a bit of an extra touch of glamour and extravagance when they’re collecting a car from us.

We’re one of the largest supercar showrooms with our very own in-house service centre. We have got four active ramps where not only do we work on our own stock cars but we work and specialise on all supercars, hyper cars and luxury cars. We specialise in Italian supercars mostly, however we’ve got the best of British – including a Bentley and Range Rover and of course the German legend – Porsche. We have all the latest diagnostic tools and a vast range of tools and equipment.

At the back of the showroom, you can see the extended area of GVE London where we have a selection of cars either awaiting prep or getting ready for an outside viewing. On one side we have got all the cars waiting to come into the service centre.

It’s a very busy time for us at the moment, so we have a lot of cars waiting as we are one of the only supercar dealerships in the world to have a fully functioning detailing centre in-house. Our first bay is for the preparation stages for detailing, where we get the seals off  and get the cars masked up.

The car would then head over to our specialist detailing bay, in the middle) with specialist lighting so you can see every defect of the paint work on the panels. Our skill technicians and detailers will do their very best to remove all of those defects and make your car look as good as possible. If by any chance our detailers can’t remove the defects, the car would head over to our paint shop.

We have a prep centre where the cars get rubbed down before it then heads into the oven where the cars to get primered, sprayed and baked.

We also have a separate unit.  This is a purpose-built unit for paint protection film and  customs work. Not only is it a dust free environment but the heating is immense – the purpose for that is it keeps the films elastic and therefore makes it a lot easier to work with and apply over some of the hard or aggressive curves of some of cars. There are lights everywhere to ensure that not even one tiny speckle of dust or a crevice on a surface goes undiscovered.

We use our in-house plotter and software to create PPF patterns and custom vinyl decals. Nothing is bought from outside in terms of kits – everything is done in-house and measure to perfection so that we can provide you with the finest finish every time.

We also have a dedicated transport team to ensure that your cars are collected and delivered in the safest and most secure way possible. We ensure that your pride and joy will undergo no damage and will far exceed your expectations with regards to attention to detail and quality of workmanship.

Click here to watch our Sales Director, George, walk us through each of our departments and give you an insight as to what GVE London is all about!

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