Ever wondered how Premiership Footballers make their cars stand out? This was a very exciting project for one of our top clients – he’s an international footballer who plays for one of the top premier league clubs. Watch us create the most unique ABT Wide Body Audi SQ7 for Ruben Neves – he also opted for a vinyl wrap, an upgraded exhaust system and more!

He gave us a call one day and asked for a seven seater performance SUV,  but it was very important that it had seven seats so it could fit his family in there and have enough luggage space. We had a bit of a task on our hands to source him the ideal car –  so lo and behold we went through the Range Rovers and the X7’s and finally decided to choose the Audi SQ7.

In Europe, you can only get the SQ7 in a diesel, however our customer really wanted it to sound as mean and aggressive as possible, so we sourced a module which will make the exhaust sound as close as possible to a 5.0L supercharged engine or a Lamborghini Urus, so you get a couple of pops and bangs as you shift.

The SQ7 does have air suspension and with the air suspension module, you can actually adjust the ride height yourself, via the interior control panel and smartphone application, however we’re going to make the ride height even lower. The GVE Servicing team fit a Miltek exhaust sound controller to the car to make it sound more aggressive. The sound can be controlled via the interior control panel or a smartphone application.

But we didn’t just finish there – the GVE Customs team fitted an ABT Wide Bodykit to the car as well as applying a full satin black vinyl wrap. First the car had a full decontamination wash, to remove all dirt and impurities that may cause the vinyl to lift in the future. Then the satin black vinyl was applied, using hot air guns, squeegees and other specialist tools.

We only use premium vinyl which is made up of multiple channeled layers. This makes it much easier to push out air bubbles, so that a secure bond can be created between the vinyl and the panels of the car. The team also wrapped a section of the dashboard in gloss red to match the brake calipers – small touches like this really complete the look of the car.

The GVE Bodyshop team also sprayed the rims of the 22″ gloss black upgraded ABT alloy wheels from silver to gloss black – they were then fitted to the car by the GVE Servicing team.

On the ABT body kit, we’ve got the front intakes in a contrast gloss black which is a great contrast sitting on top of the satin black wrap. The slightly more aggressive wheel arches, rear boot spoiler and fenders give the car a meaner look, however it is still very practical and useable.

Everything has been dechromed on the SQ7 – with the base of the car being satin black all the contrasting items such as the badges and the chrome strips have been wrapped in gloss black.

GVE Customs also installed iPads on the rear seats with the wiring going through the seats. These are of course detachable so you can take them out. We opted to install iPads instead of TV’s due to the increased functionality, including the touch screen element and portability. Not only in the rear seats had we installed the iPads, we managed to install two rear screens for the two passengers in the back of the seven seater.

This project is a great example of what we can do at GVE between our several departments – from GVE London sourcing the car to GVE Servicing optimising the ride height and the exhaust sounds, to GVE Bodyshop spraying the alloy wheels, to GVE Customs wrapping the car and adding the ABT Bodykit and of course GVE Detailing making the car look cleaner than any car in a main dealer!

Click here to watch the GVE team create the most unique ABT Wide Body Audi SQ7 for Ruben Neves in our state of the art West London facilities!

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