Bad Detailing Jobs - 6 Telltale Signs

Bad Detailing Jobs – Watch out for these 6 Telltale Signs!

1 . Rough Surfaces

If the surface on your car is rough after it’s been detailed, it is likely that the car was not clay barred. This means that contaminants and impurities are still remaining on the surface of the paintwork.

2. Swirl marks

The purpose of getting your car detailed is to eliminate light scratches and swirl marks. If your car still has them, the detailers have not completed the job to the correct standards. However this all depends on the type of detail you have paid for.

3. Compound Residue

In this case, the detailer may have machine polished your vehicle but has failed to wipe off all the compound from the edges of the panel. This could lead to compound drying on the edges, which would require amendment.

4. Marks on Rubber Seals

Marks on rubber seals show they were not protected, with tape for instance, while the car was being detailed. 

5. Marks on Panels

The detailers who worked on your car applied compound and failed to wipe off properly, if unremovable marks are left on a panel. For example, if ceramic coating has been applied to a panel and has not been wiped off properly, the entire panel would require a new detail. It may even need to be sanded and resprayed.

6. Buffer trails/ Holograms

If buffer trails and holograms are visible, the detailing job has not been completed properly. 

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