Black Rose Mercedes E300 - Unique Vinyl Wrap

From silver to a Black Rose Mercedes E300.

Last year, a customer reached out to us to have a ceramic coating applied to her car. She was very happy with the quality of our work and customer service.

Last week she returned to GVE with a different plan in mind. She waned to change the look of her car, as she was not looking to buy a new one. She then found out that we wrap cars and was eager to find out more.

After browsing through Mercedes stock colours, with the help of our customs manager, our customer decided to choose a Black Rose vinyl.

The Mercedes was then transformed from a plain silver to a beautifully unique Black Rose. We also wrapped the door shuts and returns, so that no silver would be visible.

Our customer was delighted to pick up her Black Rose Mercedes E300 and said that she’d be happy to come back to GVE in the future.

Not only has the wrap totally transformed the look of this car, it is now fully protected. The vinyl wrap will protect the body work of this Mercedes from stone chips, scratches, scuffs, birdlime and harsh weather.

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