BMW 850i Paint Protection Film

BMW 850i Paint Protection Film

One of our loyal customers who has both bought cars from us, sold cars through us and has had PPF work done by us recommended a new customer to visit GVE. He brought in a stunning new BMW 850i. This new model was one of the first on the roads in the UK and came straight from a Main Dealer.

We use XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Paint Protection Film – the best on the market. This film protects your paintwork from  birdlime, scratches, scuffs, stone chips, road debris, vandalism, harsh weather conditions.

Now our customer can drive as fast as he wants with total peace of mind. The Paint Protection Film is self healing. This means any damage on the car will now heal its self when heat is applied (via the Sun, hot water or hot air gun.)

XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS also have an extensive library of pre cut designs. We used a state of the art plotting machine to cut these designs, so that they could be directly applied to the body panels of this BMW.

Our customer was extremely happy with the BMW 850i Paint Protection Film installation and is very likely to come back for more!

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