BMW Z4 Paint Protection Film

As our highly qualified technicians have decades of experience in applying Paint Protection Film, we have built up a lot of trust and rapport with a lot of main dealers and clients with multiple luxury cars.

So, why do you need Paint Protection Film? In this case, when you have matte finish on your car from factory, like this car does, rectifying any damage on the paintwork is a lot more time consuming and costly than rectifying damage on a gloss finished car.

At GVE, we only use the best film in the game – XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS. This will protect your car from stone chips, scratches, scuffs, birdlime, harsh weather conditions, road debris and vandalism.

Whether you are planning on owning the car for 2 year or, 10 years we have packages that would suit you in gloss or Matte finishes. Best of all, we can turn your gloss car into Matte.

Our customer was extremely happy with the end result and will surely come back to GVE for more!

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