C63 AMG Modball Rally Vinyl Wrap – This customer came to us wanting to wrap his C63 AMG. The car was already wrapped in satin black. However, the customer wanted to transform the look of his car so it would stand out amongst the rest at the Modball Rally.

He supplied a special graphically designed vinyl print for us to wrap the car in. The pieces were laid in a jigsaw fashion. This meant that the each panel had to be laid in a specific orientation and the vinyl could not be stretched or manipulated too much. If laid a millimetre out of place, the design pattern would not work.

Fortunately, this challenge was no match for our trained vinyl wrapping technicians, who have decades of experience in the field. They laid the vinyl on this Mercedes with ease, lining up the pattern perfectly.

The right hand side of the car remained in satin black and the left hand side was wrapped in the Camouflage X BAPE Design.

Our customer was extremely happy with the outcome of this vinyl wrapping masterpiece. His car got a lot of attention on the Modball Rally, rendering this wrap as a success!

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