Ferrari 458 Vinyl Wrap – This customer wanted to transform his white Ferrari 458. We all know a Ferrari is best dressed in red. Work on this car included a full wrap in gloss red with the addition of a blue and white stripe down centre of the bonnet, roof and engine cover. We also sprayed the alloys satin gold, which really compliment the vinyl wrap.

This vinyl wrap has protected this Ferrari as well as transforming its looks. The vinyl will protect the car from stone chips, scuffs, scratches, harsh weather conditions and bird lime. This means that our customer can drive as fast as he wants without having to worry about damaging his supercar.

Plus, when the time comes for our customer to sell his 458, he will be able to get more money back, due to the fact that his paintwork will be in immaculate condition. Removing damage from a car that is not wrapped would be a lot more expensive. The panels would need to be rubbed down, resprayed and detailed.

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