Ferrari F430 Vinyl Wrap : From Black to Yellow

Ferrari F430 Vinyl Wrap : Our customer came to GVE, wanting to customise his originally gloss black Ferrari F430. After browsing through our vast range of colour swatches, he picked a bright gloss yellow. This vinyl was supplied from Avery and Dennison, one of the best vinyl suppliers in the UK.

Our trained technicians have decades of experience combined. They use state of the art heat guns and different grades of squeegees to make sure that the vinyl is laid in place perfectly. They also use cutting tape. This allows the vinyl to be cut to shape without the need for knives. This makes it less likely for your car to be damaged during the application process.

Wrapping your car protects it as well as changing its aesthetics. The vinyl will protect this car against stone chips, scratches, scuffs, birdlime, harsh weather and road debris. This will allow our customer to drive as fast as he wants, without having to worry about minor bodywork damage.

This gloss yellow vinyl wrap completely transformed the look of this Ferrari. Our customer was extremely happy with his freshly wrapped F430. He said that he would return to GVE for further business in the future. That’s thanks to out outstanding customer service and high quality of work.

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