Ford Mustang GT PPF & Ceramic Coating

A customer came to GVE to get a ceramic coating applied to their red Ford Mustang GT. Our trained technicians are accredited by Gtechniq and were able to apply the ceramic coating with no issues.

The customer was also interested in protecting his Mustang. After speaking to our detailing manager, he decided to have the car fully wrapped in Paint Protection Film.

At GVE Detailing, we use XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film, the best PPF in the game. It comes with a 10 year warranty and will protect your car’s body panels from stone chips, scuffs, scratches, birdlime, harsh weather and light bodywork damage.

This will ensure that the paintwork of this car is in mint condition, so the customer will have a stress free experience when he decides to sell it.

The PPF wrap was applied to the car with specially cut design patterns. These were cut by our state of the art plotting machine. This means that when applying the film, there is no need to use knives. Therefore there is no risk of your paintwork getting cut, during the application process.

Click here to watch our talented technicians apply a ceramic coating and paint protection film to this amazing Ford Mustang GT.

Click here to get your no obligation quote for Paint Protection Film or Ceramic Coatings, today!



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