Full Matte PPF Treatment – The Back Story

This stunning Porsche 911 GT3 RS 991 Gen 2 first arrived at GVE for part exchange. We then helped one of our loyal customers purchase a Ferrari 488 Pista.

Another customer saw this Porsche as a great investment opportunity. The car was quickly sold, and remained in the showroom.

Following this, another customer, Ram, then purchased this Generation 2 GT3 RS as a 30thbirthday present to himself. He quickly realised that owning such an expensive car  meant that it needed protecting.

So, shortly after the car was purchased, it was brought back to our in-house detailing department, at GVE, to be fully wrapped with Paint Protection Film.

The Installation

The 911 entered the GVE Detailing department dressed in a glossy lairy lizard green. This was one of Porsche’s launch colours. Ram, however wanted a matte finish on the car. This would have cost him in the region of £20,000 if he wished to have the car re-sprayed. However we were able to achieve this finish with a matte PPF, at a fraction of the cost.

Unlike gloss PPF, matte PPF requires the car being worked on to be fully stripped, to give the technicians access to the entirety of each body panel, so they can be fully covered. This allows a flawless finish to be achieved – no creases or join lines should be present, making it seem as though nothing had ever been applied to the car in the first place.

About PPF

The PPF installation process can take 2 – 2.5 days to complete. After this, the PPF is left to rest and then inspected for quality control. If any dust has been caught in-between the film and the panels of the car, the PPF is stripped and relayed after cleaning the boy panels.

PPF, or paint protection film, protects cars against stone chips, scuffs, scratches and birdlime. Here at GVE, we use the best PPF in the game – XPEL Ultimate PPF, but what makes it so special? XPEL Ultimate PPF is composed of extremely high quality materials and comes with a 10-year warranty against yellowing, lifting and cracking.

Now, if you’re purchasing a supercar, you should at least get the front end of the car protected. However Ram cleverly opted for full coverage. This help protect every panel of the car against stone chips, scuffs, scratches and birdlime. It will also help maintain the value of the car and allow Ram to drive as fast as he wants with full peace of mind.

When we bring new stock, we ensure that every single car is brought back to showroom condition. This is why we take great pride in our detailing efforts, as we achieve finishes which are second to none. If you’re looking to get your supercar PPF’d, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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