Three years after teasing us with the gorgeous Ciel four-door convertible land-yacht (pictured), and two years after the slinky Elmiraj two-door coupe was shown to the world, the wait for a giant, grand Caddy is almost over.

Cadillac announced at this year’s Pebble Beach bash that it will give us the first look at the production version of what it’s tagging its ‘Top of The Range’ car at next year’s event.

Even though the brand’s bosses were keeping quiet about the exact specification of the new range-topping Caddy, rumoured to be labeled the LTS, they did let slip a few first details.

The design of the car is now locked ‘somewhere between the CTS and the Elmiraj’ according to one Cadillac insider. And it will be built using an aircraft-style mixed materials strategy. So not exclusively aluminium like Jaguar and Audi. And not all steel or carbon fibre like others.

The Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7-Series competitor will be the first car built on GM’s large-car ‘Omega’ platform and will be rear-wheel drive. Power will be either twin-turbo V6 or V8. There will be no V12 version. Pity.

But if it looks even half as cool as the two concept cars, the range-topper could be the beginning of Cadillac pushing back the tide of European and Japanese luxury car imports.

Just one word of advice, Caddy. Don’t forget the tail-fins. The more the better…