How to sell your Supercar!

Wondering how to sell you supercar? GVE is the UK’s Leading Independent Supercar Dealership, having sold thousands of supercars.

There are a number reasons why people need to sell their supercars. One to release some equity, two to purchase a house or three, they just fancy a change. Here are three ways in which we can help you:

If you’re looking for a fast return the best option would be an outright purchase. This will involve us giving you a trade bid on your vehicle. We will then transfer you the full amount and settle any outstanding finances that you may have.

If you fancy an upgrade, the best option here would be part exchange. This is where you provide us with your car in exchange for the difference from your new car – it is that simple!

Sometimes trade values might be a bit less than what you’re after. Option three is sale or return, where we sell your vehicle on your behalf for a small fee. This involves us collecting your vehicle free of charge from anywhere in the UK.

Upon arrival to GVE, the vehicle will have a visual and mechanical inspection as well as a complimentary stage one detail. The vehicle will then be photographed in our dedicated photo booth in high definition for marketing purposes.

The vehicle will also be uploaded onto four of our online automotive platforms to ensure maximum exposure. The vehicle will also be uploaded onto our social media feeds of which we have a large number of followers.

We have a strict no test drive policy here at GVE London unless we have received a firm financial commitment. Once the vehicle has been sold, we will settle your finance and handle all of the documentation and ownership transfers.

So, there are your three options: outright purchase, part exchange or sale or return.

Click here to check out this video, in which our Purchasing Manager, Andreas, walks us through the process.

Click here to get in touch with our team for your supercar purchasing quote!

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How to sell your Supercar!
How to sell your Supercar!
How to sell your Supercar!
How to sell your Supercar!
How to sell your Supercar!