Identify Good Paint Protection Film Jobs - 5 Telltale Signs

Identify Good Paint Protection Film Jobs  – 5 Telltale Signs that will help you identify a PPF job has been carried out properly.

  1. Check what material has been used. There are many different types of protection films on the market that provide different levels of protection. We recommend XPEL Paint Protection Film as they are world renowned for their high quality products.
  1. Check each panel to see if the Paint Protection Film covers the edges. The edges are still prone to damage if they aren’t fully wrapped and the PPF lines will be visible which will ruin the look of your car.
  1. Make sure there are no dust molecules on the panel. If there are any visible dust particles left on the panel the installers didn’t clean the surface properly before applying the PPF.
  1. Check for dry marks. This can happen if the installers do not apply enough solution whilst applying the PPF on the panel. Once they apply the Paint Protection Film, the solution is removed with a squeegee. The areas which haven’t been sprayed leave dry marks.
  1. Check for stretch marks which are visible if you shine a light over the panel. This can happen if the installers use film not designed for that specific part of the vehicle and try and stretch the film to cover the panel.

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