Is Wrapping Safe? - Stripping a Lamborghini Aventador

Is Wrapping Safe? You may be wondering why people decide to get their cars wrapped in the first place and if it really is safe. Fear not – this blog post should answer all of your questions.

So, is wrapping safe. The short answer is Yes!

If you fancy changing the look of your car with out purchasing a new one, vinyl wrapping is the first choice that comes to people’s minds nowadays. A vinyl wrap can totally transform the look of a car. Finishes such as gloss, satin and matte can be achieved along with some more ostentatious choices such as chrome, velvet and even snake skin.

The process of wrapping a car is much cheaper and faster than having a total respray. Wrapping also allows you to not only keep, but protect your original paintwork. Vinyl can protect your car against stone chips, birdlime, scuffs, scratches, harsh weather and light bodywork damage, all whilst keeping your original paintwork in tact.

At GVE, we are proud to provide our customers with the highest quality vinyl from 3M, Avery and Dennison, Hexis and Oracal. Our technicians have decades of experience combined, so it’s no surprise that our customer satisfaction is so high.

Finally, what happens when you strip a wrap? Well, if you click here, you can see our technitians strip a matte turquoise Lamborghini Aventador back to its original colour – white. As you will see, the paintwork has remained in perfect condition. So when our customer decides to sell this Aventador, he will be able to get a higher purchasing price.

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