You are wealthy. You like speed. You like exclusivity. You ask yourself how on earth your very own 903bhp McLaren P1 can stand out from the other 374.

Step forward MSO. McLaren’s ‘Special Operations’ division handles everything from special stitching for your 570S to a fully bespoke body in the case of the wonderfully bizarre X-1. Woking’s car-tailoring gurus will also apply just about any paint scheme you like to your bullet-fast investment, which brings us neatly to David Kyte’s McLaren P1.

Kyte’s McLaren is sure to draw the eye among the marauding hoards of exotica in the posher parts of London. The all-over royal blue bodywork has been treated to red pinstripes around the P1’s air-bullying creases. The inside of the butterfly doors, brake calipers and lightweight forged wheels have also seen the red end of MSO’s paintbrush.