Jaguar I-Pace Transformation - 2 Identical Wraps!

Jaguar I-Pace Transformation – Vinyl wrapping is often used to transform the look of a car. But it can also be used to create a powerful branding message. That’s exactly what this client did!

2 identical Jaguar I-Paces were delivered to the GVE Customs centre, finished in gloss grey. The GVE Customs team began the transformation of the cars by applying satin grey vinyl to the panels, giving them a light stealth finish.

This was done after the cars were totally decontaminated, removing any dirt and impurities that would prevent the vinyl sticking to the surface of the body panels.

Once the cars had been wrapped, our team created graphic designs on a specialist software. These were then cut on white, black and orange vinyl using a state of the art plotting machine.

Once the graphics were ready, they were applied to the cars using transfer paper with the help of squeegees and a heat gun.

The pinstripe effect, however, was laid directly on to the panel and positioned by hand. This is a skill that only experienced vinyl wrappers can acquire, after years of experience in the trade. The GVE Customs team have worked on hundreds of cars, which can be seen through their high quality finishes and meticulous attention to detail.

Click here to watch the GVE Customs team carry out this Jaguar I-Pace Transformation!

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