Lamborghini Aventador Health Check

Lamborghini Aventador Health Check – At GVE Servicing, we touch upon anything including exhaust system, body kit and retrofit installations as well as vehicle maintenance, servicing, pre-purchase and even pre-mot inspections.


How does a Health Check work?

When a customer calls us and says there’s an issue with their car, we’ll bring it in and carry out a health check. We send you an 80 point inspection health check report as well as a video detailing the underside of the car once all the under trays have been removed, to show them any leaks or any damage. Then we negotiate a price for the customer and book them in to rectify any issues.


Is a Health Check available as a stand alone service?

Yes, you can bring in your car specifically for a health check. We do winter health checks just to check your windscreen fluid, brakes,  tyres and coolant levels to ensure that your car is in full working order.


How much does a health check cost?

An hour’s labour is required as well as the use of specialist electric and diagnostic tools. This will result in an overall cost of £110 + VAT.


Today we have a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ in for a health check. The car has recently come into stock, so it’s in very good condition and has low mileage. We don’t expect anything to be wrong with it, however wear items like tires and brakes will have to be checked regardless of age. To begin, the rear hatched was removed to expose the V12 engine.

The health check began with the inspection of the interior, including dashboard lights, trim, seatbelts, etc. All data was recorded via our in-house application.

Next, fluid levels were checked at the front and rear of the car. This is essential because if fluid levels are not optimal, big problems can occur with the engine and brakes.

Then, the Lamborghini was raised, using one of our ramps, so the wheels and underside were fully exposed.

Once the car was in the air, the wheels were inspected for any curb marks and the tyres were inspected for wear and damage. The carbon ceramic discs were checked with a torch to see if there were any cracks – a nice and shiny surface showed that there was no damage.

The brake pads were checked next – they were in very good health, with a 95% remaining lifetime.

The side plates were tested next – as expected there was no play as this Aventador is (near enough) a brand new car.

The bushes were tested by holding on to the tyre and effectively moving the car up and down. There was no play with the shocks, so on to the next check!

After the car was raised to a higher position using the ramp, visual checks for the bushes, gators, driveshaft and covers were carried out. Things to look out for included any damage, leaking, soiling of the cardboard or anything else that looks unusual. As this SVJ is brand new, there was no need to remove the under-trays, as everything was in good working order.

The health check report was then signed off and shared with the rest of the GVE team. This SVJ passed its health check with flying colours and it is ready for its new owner!

Click here to watch the GVE Servicing team carry out a health check on this amazing Lamborghini Aventador SVJ in our West London Servicing Centre.

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Prices Starting from £2,200 + VAT



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Lamborghini Aventador Health Check
Lamborghini Aventador Health Check
Lamborghini Aventador Health Check
Lamborghini Aventador Health Check
Lamborghini Aventador Health Check