Lamborghini Aventador S PPF

Lamborghini Aventador S PPF – Our customer wanted to protect his car. He opted for the full Paint Protection Film treatment, meaning every panel on his car is now protected. This includes carbon fibre components, such as the carbon fibre front splitter and air ducts.

We use the best paint protection film in the game – XPEL Ultimate PPF, which comes with a 10 year warranty. It will protect your car from stone chips birdlime, scratches, scuffs and harsh weather conditions.

After a few days, the Lamborghini Aventador S PPF job was completed. The full coverage will maintain the value of the car, decreasing the impact of depreciation.

The customer was very happy to pick up his protected Lamborghini Aventador S and is very likely to return to GVE to get more work done with us. Now he can drive his Aventador as fast as he wants, wherever he wants, without having to worry about potential bodywork damage.


Nearly half of our custom is from repeat customers. This shows that our quality of work and customer service is second to none, across all departments.

Click here to watch our talented technicians wrap this Lamborghini Aventador S in Paint Protection Film.

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