Lamborghini Urus Paint Protection Film – Our customer wanted to protect his brand new Lamborghini Urus. It was sent to GVE straight from the main dealer, Lamborghini Chelmsford. After thoroughly washing the car with car shampoo and removing any dirt or contaminants, our trained technicians began to lay the Paint Protection Film.

At GVE, we use specialist plotting machines to cut out accurate templates of each body panel. This allows our trained technicians to apply the Paint Protection Film directly to the car, without the use of knives. This means that you won’t run the risk of having your car cut or scratched during the installation process. The Paint Protection Film was laid on this Urus with no issues. Our customer was extremely pleased with the quality of work and customer service.

We only use the best PPF here at GVE – XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film. It comes with a 10 year warranty and protects against stone chips, scuffs, scratches, birdlime, road debris and harsh weather. This will help retain the value of this Lamborghini Urus and will allow our customer to drive as fast as he wants.

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