Maserati Ghibli Health Check – While the GVE Servicing team carried out a health check on this Ghibli, they spotted an oil leak that needed to be repaired. This was due to dried coolant found on the radiator.

Our Servicing team operate out of a state-of-the-art in-house workshop. It is equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and equipment, which can be used for all major marques and models.

As we can see from the depth guage check, 8mm of material was remaining between the brake pad and the disk. This means that the pads are still useable. Any reading between 8mm and 4mm means that the pad should be replaced. Any reading under 4mm means that the pad must be replaced.

A specialist application is used to record the data from the health check. This allows the team to show our customers what faults the car may have and what action needs to be taken to rectify any issues.

New seals were fitted to the injectors after they had been cleaned. Additional parts were also ordered from OEM suppliers. We use genuine parts from authorised suppliers to ensure that all cars we work on are safe for our customers to drive. Using cheap or non-genuine parts could put the servicing team at risk as well as our customers.

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