McLaren 650S Full PPF – A customer reached out to us to have his McLaren 650S protected. We are one of the only supercar dealers to have an in house Paint Protection Film application centre.

An insight into our Paint Protection Film application process: After a paint correction detailing has been completed, we then moved the McLaren into our designated PPF bay. The vehicle was raised and the wheels were removed.

Our patterns, are pre-cut using a state of the art plotting machine. This allows the GVE Detailing technicians to apply the PPF directly to the car without having to cut it. It also means that there is no need to use knives when finishing the application of the film. This means that there is no danger of your car being cut during the process, keeping your paintwork in mint condition.

We only use the best PPF here at GVE London – XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Paint Protection Film. This film protects cars against birdlime, scratches, scuffs, stone chips, harsh weather and light bodywork damage. The film is also self healing. This means that if it were to get scratched, with the application of heat via hot water or a heat gun, the damage would amend itself.

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