In our Servicing department, Charlie one of our Service Technicians installed a Capristo decat exhaust system on a lovely McLaren 720s for it’s new customer!

The GVE Sales team actually sold this McLaren to our customer, however he wanted to add some special touches.

The wings of the car were removed to reveal the original exhaust system. The back pipes were then removed as well as the down pipes and catalytic converters.

The new exhaust system was then installed including the carbon fibre, laser engraved Capristo exhausts. The body panels were then fitted back to the car and a quality control procedure was carried out.

The switchable exhaust system allows you to control how loud the car is. When the valves are open, the exhaust is louder and then they are closed, the car is more quiet (relatively speaking)!

The McLaren now sounds even better than it did before and has more horsepower, due to the optimisation of the airflow within the exhaust system.

The team also sourced this customer a car cover and 3D gel number plates. No job is too big or too small for us!

Click here to watch Charlie, one of our Service Technicians, carry out a McLaren 720s Capristo Exhaust Installation in the GVE Servicing centre.

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